Become a certified coach and discover how to attract consistent customers and clients using the Evergreen Model, by enrolling in the It Girl Academy's Certification Bundle.
Receive both the Business Mastery Certification & Coaching Mastery Certification (take both programs at once, or one at a time)

This is the ultimate combination for women who want to fast track their success and have both the elevated coaching skills to apply with their clients, as well as the advanced business growth skills to kickstart their results as a successful coach, consultant, or course creator.
Coaching Mastery Certification is about becoming more than “just a coach”. You'll learn my Mentorship Method™, which combines teaching skills, consulting methods and coaching techniques to build an impeccable reputation (and a great income) all while feeling confident as you work with clients.

This is unlike any other coaching certification program out there..
In Coaching Mastery we don't stop at coaching methods and strategies. We cover course creation, teaching and consulting so you have ALL the skills you need to positively impact your clients AND build a great reputation and successful coaching business doing work you love!
This goes far beyond the pure emotional Q & A style of coaching.
What's Included:
Intensive Group Coaching Calls (valued at $6000)
When you join Coaching Mastery you will have live access to a group coaching call per month plus access to the monthly recordings once your time in the live version of the program is over.
This means in a years time you will still be able to listen to the calls and gain insight into how to improve your coaching skills from Jessica.

6 Months of Life-Changing Training (Value $4000)
This program is designed to create real world changes for your clients - and for you! You'll walk away from this with lifelong skills that you can use to make a positive difference for your clients and to create a great income.
You'll discover industry specific insights and techniques on how to maximize your coaching time to help clients achieve their goals. You'll also learn to teach, mentor and consult. These are incredibly crucial complementary skills and this will set you part and put you way ahead of just about every other coach

Private Online Sanctuary (valued at $2000)
You'll be invited to join a private Facebook group for Coaching Mastery which is filled with women who are determined to achieve the same goals as you. This will be a powerful community of smart, ambitious women like you. You'll be able to reach out and ask me questions throughout this certification program. I'll also publish special Facebook live streams for the group plus weekly accountability to ensure you stay on track throughout the program.
Access to World Class Experts Across Multiple Industries (Priceless!)
All the experts in the program have created at a minimum a 6 figure business (many 7 figure businesses). By seeing firsthand how these industry leaders have created their businesses and work with clients will make it seem that much more doable for you as well!
- or -
Business Mastery Certification is a unique program designed especially for high-achieving women.
In Business Mastery Certification you will learn how to use the Evergreen Model™ to enroll an ongoing stream of clients into your programs and services month after month.
What Will Business Mastery Certification REALLY Do For Your Business & BRAND?
Great question! When you participate in this exclusive 12-week training program, you will…
  • Discover how to create an ongoing stream of dream clients and customers who buy your 1:1 programs, products or services everyday, so you can say goodbye to stressful launches (or only launch once or twice a year IF you feel like it).
  • Create a consistently high income from your business so you can quit your job and create a lifestyle and income that is based on YOUR desires and needs.
  • Create a range of high quality products, programs and services with individual email sequences that all link together so you can enjoy multiple income streams with half the effort (or less).
  • Build your personal, unique and authentic brand that reflects your values and feels like the real you so you can automatically attract perfect clients who are aligned with who you are.
  • Enjoy absolute freedom by creating a business that’s location independent so you can travel for business or pleasure if you choose.
  • Have the flexibility to set your own hours and work when you choose.
  • Wake up every morning feeling inspired and motivated about the day ahead because you have a business you truly love and that works for you (not the other way around!)
Book up to three 1:1 coaching sessions per week
Here's what you’ll receive, experience and achieve when you invest in Business Mastery Certification:
  • A one-of-a-kind 12-week program with me, Jessica Nazarali (your success mentor). You’ll discover insider secrets and actionable strategies that will have you implementing advanced online marketing into your business in the shortest possible time.
  •  8 comprehensive, in depth learning modules to support you to build your business and expand your reach online plus gain coveted PR and media attention that will propel you and your message out to countless people around the world.
  •  4 Implementation Weeks that will give you the time you need to absorb and begin to implement everything you learn, as you learn it, so you can start to see results even before the program is over. 
  •  An abundance of shortcuts & swipe files. You’ll get my personal email sequences, checklists, scripts, PDFs, as well as audio programs and videos so you can immediately begin to package, position, and scale your business without having to spend hours trying to figure out the details.
  • Lifetime access to all the material inside the program plus complimentary updates so you’ll always have the most up-to-date information that will bring you results even if there are unforeseen industry trends and changes in the future. 
  • You're going to need feedback and support as you move through the modules which is what you will receive with unlimited access to a powerful, private Facebook group. Get your questions answered to help you move forward quickly so you start seeing results fast. This is a dynamic, go-getter community of kindred spirits just like you! This is where you get the support and camaraderie that we all need as we grow and scale our business. The group is perfect for fostering powerful connections, collaborations and lifelong friendships as you meet other powerful women who are claiming their success and turning their dreams into reality.
  •  World class customer support from the It Girl Academy Team with daily office hours (Monday to Friday) so you know that you’ll have any and all of your questions answered throughout the program so you’ll never feel stuck and alone (don’t worry, we’ve got your back ☺ ).
  •  Access to 40+ hours of coaching calls answering the most common questions in the program
  •  A complete resources section where you can find the specific call addressing your area of concern - such as how to overcome limiting beliefs and what to do if a client says they can't afford your package. Detailed notes have also been taken from each call if you don't wish to listen to the recordings plus exercises to help you move through their questions and blocks.
When do the programs start?
Business Mastery enrolment can start as soon as you enroll (or at a select date if you would prefer to take Coaching Mastery first). Coaching Mastery starts 1st June. 
Can I take both programs at the same time or do you recommend or should I take them one at a time?
It depends on you and your workload.

If you decide to take Coaching Mastery and Business Mastery at the same time you will be finished both certifications in 6 months. If you choose to take the programs one after another you will finish the certifications in 9 months.

Its recommended that you have at a minimum 5 hours per week if you are taking both programs at once. If you have less than 5 hours per week it's recommended that you take the programs one after the other.
Can I enroll in the additional certification later?
Yes you can but you won't receive the bundle discount.

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